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Duuoo gives managers the foundation they need to lead happy & engaged team members.

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Your team is everything. And people matter. So why not do everything in your power to keep your greatest assets inspired,
happy and eager to deliver?

With Duuoo you can automate the dirty work and focus on topics that matter most. After all, 70% of people leave their manager, not their job.

Effective 1-on-1 management

Stay on top of your team members 1-on-1’s, at a glance. Get notified whenever you have an upcoming 1-on-1, with preparation material.

Auto scheduling based on your preferences, never miss a beat.

  • Simple team overview

  • Calendar integration (coming soon)

  • Always be prepared

Better meetings with smart talking points

The Duuoo Conversation Engine™ reviews past interactions to tailor talking points to each team member.

The Four Pillar Model offers a dependable framework for personal and professional development, so important topics are always addressed.

Finally, some accountability

Accountability is everything, especially during an open and honest conversation. Agree to terms and set reminders before you move on to your next meeting.

Keep your word and deliver results to the people who deserve it most.

  • Automated follow ups

  • Reminders and agreements

  • Actions - not just talk!

Team insights

Every conversation is an opportunity to learn something new, for you and your organization. With Duuoo you’ll be able to distill your 1-on-1’s into useful insights that will influence your management style for years to come.

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