Figure is now Kontist

A smart Bank Account and Payment Card for your personal business.

What you get

A steady salary.

By magic (and a bit of math) we help you set an achiveable monthly salary. Figure looks at your income history and helps you know how much you can safely spend while still saving up for your future.

Know what you have

Taxes and VAT, done.

For every invoice paid to your Figure bank account, we automatically set the right amount of taxes and VAT aside and let you know when it is due, so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises and always know how you are doing financially.

For rainy days and sunny vacations

Savings made simple.

Whether your goal is a new home or a couple of days vacation, Figure will automatically help you save up whenever there’s room in your economy. Just set your goals and Figure will notify you when you get there.

Figure card

A smart payment card.

Keeping track of your business expenses is equally important and boring, so we’ve made it easy. Every time you use your Figure Card we’ll notify you via the Figure app and let you take a photo of the receipt and categorize it - done.

figureJust now

You just spent $4.99 at Starbucks. Want to add a receipt now?

your finances in sync

Integrates with your accounting system.

Figure will make sure that your income and expenses are properly accounted for, by automatically keeping an eye on both your transactions and accounting system. This will save you money on accountants and loads of time when it is time to file your taxes.

We’re inviting people as we go, if you want to try Figure, let us know and we’ll invite you as soon as possible.