A machine learning engine for your Recruitment.

Smart searches lead to better connections.

Help you find the right professional

Finding the right professional requires a methodical analysis and long research approach. Reveal analyses vast amounts of job market data for you and filter for you the best skills and talent.

  • Faster Search / Forget long researches

  • Automated screening and matching

Reveal search for you

So you can spend more time building relationships with professionals and improve yourself or your process.

  • Augmented sourcing strategy

  • Concentrate on what you're good at.

Get unbiased results

Reveal doesn't get distracted by things that might be only marginally relevant, or use information inconsistently.

  • Your knowledge with machine intelligence

Reveal is in private beta.

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How Reveal works


Design your job description

The job description is the foundation of your recruitment. Get it right from the beginning by using the business and job market knowledge acquired by our Machine Learning engine.


Build your search strategy

Discover your hunting ground and the most appropriate profiles for a perfect fit with your job description. Be spot on when you approach professionals to secure your reputation and get stronger connections.


Screen your resumes

Our unique approach uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse thousands of resumes and detect the right talents matching your job description. Because our algorithm goes beyond keywords it provides better candidates faster.


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